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How you can help

Marine protected areas have an important role to play in the management and conservation of the NSW marine estate. Unfortunately, the many environmental, social and economic benefits of marine parks are often misunderstood and overlooked in public and political debates.

You can help protect our oceans and marine life by sharing your knowledge about the need for marine parks and marine conservation with friends, family and community groups. If you are meeting with a local member, councillor, or a relevant government or business representative, it is useful to raise your concerns and ideas about marine conservation.

You can also help by writing letters to newspapers when you see unbalanced or unjustified criticism of marine parks and other forms of marine protection.

We have created a range of resources that may help you to educate others, and assist you in taking action to protect the marine environment.

Resources you can use:

Toolkit for marine educators and concerned citizens
The Torn Blue Fringe

In late 2008 NPA released The Torn Blue Fringe - a landmark proposal for marine protection for NSW through a series of marine parks and sanctuaries. It shows for the first time how we can reach the internationally recommended level of protection for NSW waters. If you would like to obtain a copy of the report, please contact our office on (02) 9299 0000.

Finding shared values

Despite having very diverse interests, many different stakeholders care about conserving the marine environment. Stakeholders in the marine environmentment include recreational fishers, divers, spearfishers, commercial fishers, tourism operators, business owners, Aboriginal groups, government agencies, scientists and conservation groups.

In the past, poor communication has often prevented these groups from identifying their shared values and working together on marine conservation issues. We recognise that this needs to change. NPA has run a number of marine conservation forums in coastal regions of NSW, with a strong emphasis on connecting a wide range of people and groups who are interested in marine conservation, and promoting networking and respectful sharing of ideas and information.

We have produced a video record of a forum held in July 2012 at Coffs Harbour. It was attended by around 50 representatives from a wide range of different stakeholder groups, including conservation groups, recreational fishers, spearfishers, scuba divers, tourism organisations, marine science, local business and government agencies. On NPA’s Youtube channel you can watch a short video of the highlights, or each speaker's full presentation.