• Great Eastern Ranges Initiative

    NPA is a lead partner of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER), which seeks to link and protect healthy landscapes over 3,600km from Western Victoria to far North Queensland. It is one of the world’s largest conservation projects. GER is a strategic attempt to address the impacts of climate change and other major environmental threats, and at the same time bring together people and organisations from across Australia.
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NPA is a Lead Partner of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER), one of the world's largest connectivity conservation projects. GER is bringing people and organisations together to link and protect healthy habitats spanning 3,600km from Western Victoria through NSW and ACT to Far North Queensland.

The Great Eastern Ranges contain Australia's longest and most unfragmented north-south mountainous landscapes and habitats. They include vast dissected tablelands and escarpment and span major variations in rainfall, temperature, soil types, altitude and latitude. This vast area contains Australia's richest diversity of plants and animals and contains catchments that provide a reliable, clean source of water for over 90% of the population of eastern Australia. The area is also rich in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage, and is a living cultural, social and economic resource for the millions of people who live in, or beside the ranges.

What does GER do?

GER works with local communities to build awareness about conservation, providing a practical framework for local action in the context of a much bigger picture. Using the principles of connectivity conservation, GER empowers communities to conserve and restore biodiversity across the whole landscape, on private as well as public lands.

What is NPA's role?

NPA has been instrumental in shaping the vision of the GER Initiative over many years. We recognise that through connectivity conservation, we can ensure that national parks, travelling stock routes and other key habitats form part of a healthy, connected landscape and society.

As a lead partner of GER Initiative, NPA is developing Citizen Science programs across the Great Eastern Ranges region. We play an important role in the ongoing development and strategy of this initiative.

NPA is also the host organisation of the Illawarra to Shoalhaven GER regional partnership, established in 2012. This is one of the newest GER regional partnerships, spanning the area from Royal National Park in Southern Sydney to Budawang National Park, north of Batemans Bay. For more information about the partnership, email the I2S regional partnership facilitator.