• Great Eastern Ranges Initiative

    NPA is a lead partner of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER), which seeks to link and protect healthy landscapes over 3,600km from Western Victoria to far North Queensland. It is one of the world’s largest conservation projects. GER is a strategic attempt to address the impacts of climate change and other major environmental threats, and at the same time bring together people and organisations from across Australia.
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Conservation groups welcome Coalition’s $8 million commitment to Great Eastern Ranges conservation projects The NSW National Parks Association (NPA) and the NSW Nature Conservation Council (NCC) have welcomed today’s announcement that a Coalition Government would invest $8 million in new conservation projects along the Great Eastern Ranges corridor.

The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER) aims to stop the further extinctions of native species in eastern Australia by creating a 3,600km corridor from north Queensland to Victoria that would enable species to move, adapt to climate change and survive. [1]

It draws together more than 180 community, industry, government and non-government organisations in the conservation of our natural heritage by promoting landscape-scale connectivity and high-priority biodiversity projects within the corridor.

“This funding will continue to support on-ground works that protect environmental values and biodiversity by providing grants for community-driven, on-ground conservation efforts along the GER corridor,” NPA CEO Kevin Evans said.

“This commitment will help deliver the next phase of the Great Eastern Ranges conservation initiative, continuing the bipartisan political support for GER since the Carr Labor government established the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative in 2007.”

Currently there are nine regional partnerships along the Great Eastern Ranges that are delivering the positive environmental outcomes for local bushland and the corridor as a whole.

Environment Minister Rob Stokes also announced a Coalition government would provide $300,000 over two years to fund long-term plans and sustainable funding for the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative.

“These funds will help secure a sustainable future for the partnership that has led a globally significant conservation success story for the past eight years,” NCC CEO Kate Smolski said. “The private public partnership model that manages GER has international influence. This funding will support the ecosystems of the ranges corridor that provide multiple services, such as carbon storage, the provision and regulation of fresh water, and cultural benefits. [1] www.greateasternranges.org.au

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