• Marine Protection

    NPA campaigns for better protection of the unique marine wildlife and ecosystems found in NSW waters. We are working to ensure that NSW has a well-managed network of marine sanctuaries and multiple-use marine parks, to help our marine life recover and thrive. NPA also provides resources for community education and local activism on marine conservation issues.
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Visit our Sydney Marine Park website for more information about our current campaign.

The unique oceans of NSW are home to an incredible variety of marine life - much of it found nowhere else on earth.

Throughout the world marine parks and fully protected marine sanctuaries have helped marine life recover and thrive. Currently there are limited marine parks and sanctuaries in NSW. NPA, supported by other conservation groups, stakeholders and individuals, is working to secure a world-class marine sanctuaries network for NSW. This will help ensure we can continue to catch a snapper, enjoy seafood for dinner and help create healthy oceans now and for generations to come.

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