• Supported Campaigns

    NPA’s main area of focus is protecting, connecting and restoring ecosystems, wildlife and natural areas in NSW, through protected areas and connectivity conservation. There are many other organisations in NSW and across Australia that are also running important campaigns to protect our environment and wildlife from a wide variety of threats. NPA supports a range of these other environmental organisations and campaigns.
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NPA is committed to protecting, connecting and restoring ecosystems, wildlife and natural areas in NSW.

Our main areas of focus are protected areas such as national parks and marine sanctuaries, and connectivity conservation projects such as the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative.

Many other organisations are also working hard to protect our wildlife and environment. NPA supports and works in tandem with a number these to support common goals and increase support for major campaigns. 

  • We are part of the ‘Places You Love’ campaign to protect Australia’s environmental protection laws.
  • We are part of the Save Our Marine Life Alliance, a growing community of people, organisations and businesses working to protect Australia’s unique marine life, safeguard our healthy coastal lifestyle and save our new national network of marine sanctuaries.
  • We support Nature Play NSW which inspires parents to help their kids trade screen time for green time. 

  • NPA has joined with other leading non-government organisations and community groups including the Better Planning Network to produce the 'Community Charter for Good Planning'.

  • NPA is one of the core members of the Environment Liaison Office (ELO) that provides a link to NSW Parliament for hundreds of community groups across NSW.