• Travelling Stock Routes (TSRs)

    Travelling Stock Routes and Reserves (TSRs) form a network of about 700,000 ha of public land that criss-crosses NSW. TSRs were originally used by drovers and pastoralists moving sheep and cattle across the landscape on foot. Today, the TSR network is an important public asset which protects significant remnant habitat and threatened species, as well as cultural, recreational and economic values.
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Although Travelling Stock Routes and Reserves (TSRs) are very important for the environment and are treasured by many, it’s a sad fact that a lot of people, including politicians, have never heard of them.

If we want TSRs to be protected for the enjoyment of future generations, this has to change.

Talking to the community and politicians

One important way you can help protect TSRs is by sharing your knowledge with friends, family and community groups.

Alternatively, if you are meeting with your local member, or a relevant government or business representative, let them know that you care about TSRs, and provide them with reasons why they should too.

Resources you can use:

If you’re interested in someone from NPA coming to speak to your school or community group about TSRs, call us on (02) 9299 0000.