NPA seeks a level of nature conservation in NSW that allows species to persist and ecosystems to remain resilient.  We have a clear view of what is needed across NSW to achieve this.  As a state-wide organisation we invest our precious financial resources into targeted activities and campaigns to prioritise this.

We realise that the magnitude of conservation issues is so great that we must prioritise our efforts. As a membership organisation with local branches, we support our membership to undertake conservation locally. We are proactive in what we want to achieve and able to react to the changing nature of environmental threats and challenges.


1.1.        Seek an expansion of the protected area system (land and sea)

1.2.        Seek expanded marine sanctuaries within Marine Parks

1.3.        Promote the benefits of protected areas

1.4.        Ensure improved protected area management

1.5.        Seek to limit high impact recreation within protected areas

1.6.        Oppose major developments threatening large intact natural areas

1.7.        Promote and play a leading role in connectivity conservation

1.8.        Seek an adequately resourced and consistently managed TSR network

1.9.        Seek reform of Crown lands

1.10.      Support privately-managed protected areas

1.11.      Ensure the health of water-dependent ecosystems

1.12.      Seek World Heritage listing for the tall eucalypts in north-eastern NSW