A road map for political candidates and parties

Nine of the state’s leading conservation groups have launched Our Environment, Our Future: Policies for the 2015 NSW Election and Beyond, a 24-page road map for candidates of all parties contesting the next state election. Our Environment, Our Future outlines a broad vision for nature conservation, planning and pollution reduction in NSW, including detailed policy prescriptions required to move the state’s economy to a more sustainable footing.

Our vision is for a future where:

People’s right to a healthy environment, with clean air and water, is not compromised. Our communities live within natural limits, using precious natural resources wisely and harnessing clean, renewable energy from the sun and wind. Healthy forests, rivers and oceans are populated by thriving populations of native plants and animals. Wild nature is valued for its own sake, and for the inspiration and solace that it provides for so many, from all walks of life. We don’t throw resources away after a single use but recycle and reuse.

Download a full copy of the report or a one page summary.

With effective political leadership and progressive environmental policy, our state has an opportunity to build a more open, transparent and environmentally responsible society that engages local communities in decisions to protect the environment and create a sustainable way of life. Together, we say to all political parties and candidates that enough is enough: we will not stand by and watch our environment being destroyed.

How can you get involved?

  • Suggest your community group endorse the policies set out in Our Environment, Our Future, and issue a media release.
  • Link to Our Environment, Our Future on your web and Facebook sites.
  • Ask your local candidates to support Our Environment, Our Future.