Our Awards

NPA stands apart from most other Australian conservation groups of a similar or larger size due to the magnitude of the on-ground, practical, local and State-wide work of our volunteers to further the objectives of NPA. This continues despite recent increases in the number of paid staff, who are in turn supported by volunteers. All Branch activities and most of our State-wide effort are carried out by volunteers. They provide the capacity, credibility and energy to effect change for our precious natural areas. At best guess, NPA has over 500 active volunteers at any one time.

A system of annual awards has been established to publicly recognise exceptional and tireless efforts of NPA volunteers.

Prudence Tucker Awards

In 2004 NPA a new system of awards was established to give greater recognition of the contribution that volunteers make to NPA. These awards are named the Prudence Tucker Volunteer Awards in honour of the late Prudence Tucker, a tireless volunteer for State Council and Sydney Branch who passed away in early 2004. Prudence’s volunteer efforts epitomise the often unrecognised efforts of those who support NPA’s work to look after our natural areas.

There are four Prudence Tucker Awards as follows. The first two are awarded on a State-wide (whole of NPA) basis and latter two are awarded on a per Branch basis.

  • State Conservation Awards (up to 2 awards annually) For substantial contributions to significant state-wide conservation outcomes, benefiting both the NPA and the wider Australian community.
  • Organisational Support Awards (up to 2 awards annually)For substantial contributions to support the organisational structure of the NPA over a significant period of time.
  • Branch Awards (up to 1 award from each Branch annually) For substantial contributions to the wellbeing of the Branch in many ways over a significant period of time.
  • Bushwalking Leadership Awards For substantial involvement in walks leadership and coordination over a significant period of time. Usually up to 1 award from each Branch is awarded annually, though for the largest branches (e.g. Sydney Branch) multiple awards can be made.

Allen and Beryl Strom Award

The Allen and Beryl Strom Volunteer Award, presented for the first time in 2005, recognises volunteers who have made an outstanding contribution to conservation through NPA. The award is named in honour of Allen and Beryl Strom, founding members of NPA and the “father and mother” of Environmental Education in NSW.


Nominations for the Prudence Tucker and Allen and Beryl Strom Awards are open to NPA members and non-members who meet the following criteria:

  • undertakes volunteer work for NPA consistently over an extended period
  • supports the objectives of the NPA
  • achieves results through exceptional effort or innovative means
  • shows determination, perseverance and initiative
  • provides a role model for others

There is an annual process for calling nominations, selecting worthy recipients and then announcing the nominees and recipients at the NPA Annual Dinner. Appendix E refers to the associated policy.

NPA Life Membership

State Council may appoint up to 16 Honorary Life Members, for outstanding achievement and contributions to NPA.