Protecting Sydney’s marine life

Sydney’s diverse coastline includes rocky reefs and sponges which are home to hundreds of species including turtles, dolphins, seahorses, fairy penguins and over 580 species of fish. Currently, our marine life has to cope with the effects of pollution, habitat loss and degradation, invasive species and over-exploitation.

To provide a safe haven for our marine life and their habitats, whilst enabling Sydneysiders to still continue to enjoy its many scenic and recreational values into the future, we are working to encourage the government to proclaim a marine park for Sydney. 

A Sydney Marine Park will also fill a major gap in the NSW marine park network, as there are currently no marine parks in the Hawkesbury Shelf region between Newcastle and Wollongong.

A potential world-class enviromental tourism destination

A Sydney Marine Park would be a world first: the first marine park ever created alongside a major city.

This new marine park would help to promote Sydney as a leading environmental and cultural tourist destination, providing economic and social benefits, and creating employment opportunities in park management, community education and research. It would complement the existing Sydney Harbour National Park, which protects and showcases iconic islands and foreshore areas around the harbour.

Sydney Harbour has been included as the 16th National Landscape under the Australian Government’s and Tourism Australia’s National Landscapes Program, and creating Sydney Marine Park would also provide a boost to this initiative.

This proposal has the support of local government, with six local councils having passed supporting motions. NPA is currently seeking a commitment from the NSW Government to create this iconic new marine park.

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The National Parks Association of NSW CEO, Kevin Evans, has today welcomed the announcement by the NSW Leader of the Opposition the Hon. John Robertson MP and the Hon. Luke Foley MP, Opposition Environment Spokesperson to create a significant new marine park for Sydney, if the NSW Labor Party is elected on March 26th 2015.

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