• Biodiversity Conservation

    NSW is home to the unique and iconic wildlife and ecosystems, both within and outside of protected areas. NPA is involved in a range of projects to educate the community and help protect the biodiversity of NSW from the many threats it faces, such as habitat loss, urban development and human population growth, the effects of climate change and the impacts of feral animals and weeds.
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What is connectivity conservation?

Extensive development in eastern Australia over the last 200 years has led to the fragmentation and degradation of many ecosystems, leaving small islands of habitat where animals and plants areleft  isolated. As a result, the landscape is less able to support Australia’s unique native species and Aboriginal cultural heritage, or to provide vital ‘ecosystem services’ such as filtering air and water, and maintaining healthy soil.

Connectivity conservation is a socially inclusive strategy that engages local communities in maintaining, restoring and reconnecting habitats. It aims to stop species extinction and the rapid decline in environmental health, and increase the resilience of ecosystems so that native species are better able to deal with a range of threats.

Some 60 participants gathered at a property on Tindalls Lane, Broughton Vale last Saturday (26 November) to hear about the work of Berry Landcare and a project to conserve and enhance the Berry Wildlife Corridor.

The environment of the Berry region will get a welcome boost with the announcement of a $500,000 grant under the NSW Environmental Trust Bush Connect program by the Hon. Mark Speakman, NSW Minister for the Environment.

The funds will be used by Berry Landcare and a number of other partners to enhance landscape corridors for wildlife between Barren Grounds Nature Reserve and Seven Mile Beach National Park.