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    We run a range of citizen science initiatives which provide you with the opportunity to assist directly with the conservation of some of your favourite species, by collecting valuable data. By taking part in our surveys you are helping us to answer important questions about our plants and animals, which can then be used to help inform decision makers and raise awareness.
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This week, the Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2013 has been introduced into NSW Parliament. The National Parks Association of NSW is outraged that the Bill fails to safeguard NSW from unsupervised recreational hunting in NSW National Parks or other public lands.

After a strong campaign from the people of NSW against hunting in national parks, a Bill tabled last week to amend related legislation may fall dramatically short of dealing with their concerns.  

Groups protesting hunting in national parks are now lobbying the government to stop amateurs hunting in State Forests.

"Amateurs are ineffective in fighting the feral animal problem on public land in NSW; report after report tells us that," says Justin McKee, Campaign Coordinator for the National Parks Association of NSW.

"Comprehensive and strategic programs managed and planned by professionals and executed by the professionally skilled, will deliver the results we need. This is why we are calling for an end to recreational hunting in State Forests and an adoption of the approach recently approved for National Parks.