• Citizen Science

    We run a range of citizen science initiatives which provide you with the opportunity to assist directly with the conservation of some of your favourite species, by collecting valuable data. By taking part in our surveys you are helping us to answer important questions about our plants and animals, which can then be used to help inform decision makers and raise awareness.
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The Great Koala Count is an exciting large-scale Citizen Science survey being run in partnership with the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative, from the 7th to the 17th of November that everyone is invited to join! The aim of the Count is to create a comprehensive picture of Koala numbers and locations across the landscape by engaging the community directly in a once-a-year survey.  With sufficient support, it is hoped the Count will be replicated each year to show trends in Koala populations, movement and habitat use over time. To register to join the Great Koala Count go to www.koalacount.org.au.

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