• Park Protection

    NPA’s founders had a vision of a strong, well-managed system of national parks in NSW. This is still a core part of NPA’s mission. We run campaigns and education programs to support good management of protected areas such as national parks, and to oppose uses or development of our reserves that undermine their conservation values.
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The members of NPA’s State Council, along with the Executive Committee, specialist committees and branch executives provide governance to the organisation and advance NPA’s goals and vision.

The State Council comprises elected Councillors from NPA’s branches, coopted members and ex officio members from other NPA Committees. State Council meets three times during the year in various locations around NSW.

Current policies under review

The Executive Committee

The function of the Executive is to manage the affairs of NPA. In carrying out its role, the Executive gives effect to the policies, decisions and directions of made by it or by State Council.

The Executive Committee meets monthly to carry out the following roles:

  • Develop and oversee implementation of the Strategic Plan and Action Plans 
  • Oversee the finances and ensure financial health, including development of the annual budget
  • Contribute to the development of policy 
  • Oversee, through the Chief Executive Officer, the work of the Office 
  • Report regularly to State Council 

The Executive comprises members of NPA elected by State Council as:

  • President 
  • Senior Vice-President 
  • Vice-President 
  • Secretary 
  • Honorary Treasurer 
  • up to four Executive members.



The Nature Keepers (NK) corporate program has been part of NPA for 8 years and focuses on protecting and restoring the natural heritage of NSW.