• Park Protection

    NPA’s founders had a vision of a strong, well-managed system of national parks in NSW. This is still a core part of NPA’s mission. We run campaigns and education programs to support good management of protected areas such as national parks, and to oppose uses or development of our reserves that undermine their conservation values.
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Dragons of Sydney is a citizen science project run by the National Parks Association of NSW that aims to help Eastern Water Dragons by highlighting their role in the environment and the threats to their survival at a series of events for local school and community groups.

Participants assist directly with conservation of the reptiles through bush regeneration work to improve habitat and by participating in a citizen science survey to contribute to our understanding of the species behaviour.

The project is supported by Taronga Zoo Sydney, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Macquarie University and Greater Sydney Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

For more information on Dragons of Sydney, visit www.dragonsofsydney.org.

Bush Mates is a community engagement and education program to help Western Sydney's 300,000 new residents to be good mates to the bush. Sydney's residents are fortunate to have a wealth of bushland right on their doorsteps. Unfortunately, this closeness between people and nature can threaten the places we love and the plants and animals that live within them. 

Through a series of events and workshops, we aim to increase the positive impact that residents can have on their environment, and to value and appreciate the bushland on their doorstep.

Bush Mates is run by the National Parks Association of NSW and supported by Greening Australia, WWF Australia, The University of Sydney and Greater Sydney Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and WWF Australia.

For more information on this exciting initiative and tips on how you can be good bush mate, visit www.bushmates.org.au


National Parks Association of New South Wales in partnership with Bird Life’s Birds in Backyards and The University of Sydney are asking this question! “We want to know what birds are using bird baths and how our gardening habits influence what birds use baths” said Dr Gráinne Cleary, Bathing Birds project coordinator for the National Parks Association. “Similar to the Great Koala Count we ran last November, we are harnessing the power of citizen science to aid conservation and this time we are doing it with birds”