Groups protesting hunting in national parks are now lobbying the government to stop amateurs hunting in State Forests.

"Amateurs are ineffective in fighting the feral animal problem on public land in NSW; report after report tells us that," says Justin McKee, Campaign Coordinator for the National Parks Association of NSW.

"Comprehensive and strategic programs managed and planned by professionals and executed by the professionally skilled, will deliver the results we need. This is why we are calling for an end to recreational hunting in State Forests and an adoption of the approach recently approved for National Parks.

"Investing tax payer dollars and energy in thousands of hunters of varying skill levels shooting on average, less than one animal per hunt per year, is a waste of time and valuable resources.

"Feral animal populations are in the millions. We need to be killing at least 60% of the population of most species to start seeing an overall decline in numbers. Recreational hunting activities to date in State Forests have not produced these kinds of results.

"The door on recreational hunting in State Forests should be kept shut.

"What groups are calling for is investment from Government in programs that will achieve the necessary reduction of feral animals across NSW on all tenures.

"Various Government Departments if resourced and coordinated effectively have that capability to deliver what NSW needs to help our farmers with this problem and keep risks to animals, staff and visitors to a minimum.

"The media has highlighted over the past year horrific examples of illegal hunting actions that have brought about the maiming or death of countless numbers of native animals and threats to people's lives.

"No hunting on public land will help put an end to the risky and illegal hunting culture we have seen in the community that was lead from the top down by the Game Council.

"Recreational hunting has been put on hold temporarily in State Forests. Given that there is no evidence showing feral animal populations have been impacted by the thousands of hunters that hunt in State Forests, it should stay that way.

"We invite the Government to apply the same management and controls for pest animals in National Parks to all public land.

Media contact: Justin McKee 0404 824 020