NPA has 18 branches throughout New South Wales, assisted by dedicated volunteers. Branches differ in the types of activities and functions they fulfil. These may include:

  • providing a range of bushwalking and other outdoor activities for all ages and levels of fitness
  • campaigning on key issues in their local area
  • coordinating bush regeneration, clean up and survey activities

New supporters are always welcome. Contact details, current events and newsletters for your local branch can be accessed from the menu on the right.

New Branches

Under our Constitution, a group of members in any area of NSW may, with the approval of State Council, form a Branch.

New Branches are usually established for practical reasons, often geographical, or to respond to the interests of a group of members.  Sometimes the formation of a new Branch may involve splitting an area off from an existing Branch. Some Branches have formed after a time of operating as a sub-branch, which allows for a period of mentoring.

A new Branch may be provided with a start up grant from NPA to assist with establishment costs such as meeting venue costs, communications and promotion.