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NPA’s goal is to protect nature through community action. We pursue this by providing the community with outstanding opportunities to experience and learn about nature, while vigorously advocating for the protection of nature within NSW and beyond.

Our natural areas presently face many significant and unprecedented challenges – weakened land clearing laws, intensified native forest logging, alpine areas trampled by feral horses, a growing list of species headed for extinction, rivers in terminal decline, and many others besides. Responding effectively to these and other threats – and charting a positive way forward – depends on know-how, skills and leadership generously contributed by members.

We are now seeking persons who would like to get involved and make a difference over the coming 12 months.

Positions available

The following positions on the NPA Executive are filled each November:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • General Executive members (5 positions).

Positions are elected by the NPA State Council. All positions are voluntary.

Overall role

Executive members manage NPA’s financial and operational affairs, undertake business planning, and develop and oversee implementation of the annual budget. They work closely with the Chief Executive Officer. 

Duties of office-bearers

Office-bearers hold the following additional duties.


  • chairs general meetings, State Council meetings and Executive meetings 
  • supervises the Executive Officer 
  • represents the Association at public occasions and important meetings 
  • reviews significant media or other public statements 
  • oversees preparation of the Annual Report 
  • deals with urgent matters 
  • reports on the current state of the Association. 

Vice President

  • assists the President (including by chairing meetings in the absence of the President).


  • prepares agendas and notifies relevant members of the time and place of general meetings, State Council meetings and Executive meetings 
  • to ensure that accurate minutes are kept of proceedings at ensures that accurate minutes are kept for general meetings, State Council meetings and Executive meetings 
  • ensures that membership and other registers are accurately maintained 
  • acts as the Public Officer 
  • to keep keeps the Chair informed of matters affecting the validity of meeting proceedings 
  • report reports on matters relating to the proper governance of the Association


  • oversees the management of the Association’s financial affairs 
  • ensures that accurate financial accounts and records are kept 
  • monitors income, expenditure and cash flow, review financial reporting processes and develop suitable policies 
  • chairs the Finance Committee, 
  • oversees preparation of the Annual Budget, 
  • reports on the current financial state of the Association 
  • liaises as necessary with the Auditor.

Essential requirements

  1. Current financial membership of NPA.
  2. Sufficient time to devote to your duties as an Executive member.

Skills & experience

Each Executive member acts as a sponsor for several projects or activities included in the business plan. This may involve taking a leadership role, acting as a mentor, or simply being a point of contact. Skills or experience in several of the following fields would be an advantage:

• strategy, planning or policy development• senior political or business relationships
• environmental planning, policy or law• human resource management
• natural sciences or natural resource management• audit or risk management
• advocacy or campaigning• board or management experience
• member recruitment, engagement or facilitation• fundraising or marketing
• indigenous cultural affairs• media, communications or publishing
• Federal, State or local government• nature-based recreation, education, citizen science
• business, finance or accounting• rural or non-metropolitan background.

Desirable qualities

A successful Executive member will display and exercise the following qualities:

  • personal integrity
  • collaborative approach
  • passion for nature
  • openness to fresh perspectives
  • ability to instill confidence and respect.

Prior working knowledge of NPA gained through involvement with a member group, branch committee or the State Council is highly desirable but by no means essential.

Attendance at Executive meetings

The Executive meets 8 times per year (approximately every 6 weeks) between February and early December, generally on Thursday evenings. Meetings are held online via Zoom

Attendance at State Council meetings

Executive members are also members of the NPA State Council. The State Council meets 4 times per year on weekends at various locations across NSW. Meetings are currently being held online via Zoom due to the pandemic. Reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses is available.

Nomination process

1. Download the information sheet and nomination form below.

2. Complete the form and send it to the Returning Officer.

3. Your nomination must be received by 4pm, Tuesday 3rd October 2023.

Election process

Candidates will be elected by ballot at the Annual Meeting of the State Council, to be held in November. You are encouraged to attend. The ballot will be conducted in accordance with the NPA Constitution and By-Laws.


If you think you might be interested in any of the positions, and would like to discuss what’s involved, please contact either:

Grahame Douglas 0418 256 700

NPA Secretary

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