Logging Our Wildlife Away

For nearly 20 years Regional Forest Agreements between the Commonwealth and State governments have licensed the destruction of our public native forests. This history is set to continue with the Coalition governments negotiating to extend the Regional Forest Agreements for another 20 years.

Your support now is vital; our public forests and precious wildlife will not survive another 20 years of industrial logging.

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The Fight for our Public Forests

Join the fight against destructive public native forest logging that is killing our wildlife, destroying the natural heritage of our children and contributing to the destruction of our waterways and our natural carbon stores.

Over the past 3 years NPA has been leading the fight for our public native forests. With the support of our community, together we have:

  • Demonstrated that the RFAs have failed to meet their objectives1
  • Developed a viable alternative plan for the future of our forests that benefits everyone2
  • Convinced NSW Labor to oppose the renewal of RFAs without a full independent scientific review and renewed commitments to create the Great Koala National Park
  • Raised media attention and reached millions through strong digital media campaigns.
  • Taken a lead role in driving over 7,000 submissions to the NSW RFA review and renewal
  • Stood up to attacks by the Federal Coalition government3

Our advocacy is working, but with both the State and Federal elections approaching your help now is vital to keep the pressure up. Over the next year we need to:

  • Hold public rallies and forums across NSW
  • Continue to raise awareness and action against continued public native forest logging
  • Liaise with key NSW and Federal members of parliament and public servants to promote our Forest For All vision and enlist their support
  • Ensure minor parties and independent members of parliament are aware that an alternative future for public forests is realistic and achievable
  • Support and complement the efforts of regional groups working for similar objectives
  • Build our supporter base in the recreational, tourism and health industries and mobilise their active contribution to the Forests For All plan.
  • Your support is vital; our public forests and precious wildlife will not survive another 20 years of industrial logging.

Please give today to be part of the campaign that made the forests of NSW the envy of the world.

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