Handwriting a letter to political decision makers:

It’s easy, it’s fun, & surprisingly powerful

It is important that we, as nature lovers, tell decision makers where we stand on environmental issues. At NPA, we strive to provide timely and helpful information about upcoming opportunities to  use emails, letters or petitions to advocate for better environmental outcomes. 

Now that formal submissions have closed on the EIS for the Snowy 2.0 transmission connection, we need to maintain pressure on the Minister for Environment to protect Kosciuszko National Park by insisting that any new transmission connections are built underground.  

Ministers and MPs acknowledge that a handwritten letter has a far greater personal impact than any number of emails.  Kosciuszko deserves every effort we can make, and so we’re asking you to 

Dust off your favourite fountain pen and write a personal letter to the Minister for Environment & Energy, Matt Kean

Please tell Matt Kean, the Minister who is supposed to stand up as the protector of our national parks, how you feel about carving a slash  through Kosciuszko National Park by clearfelling more than a hundred hectares of threatened species habitat.  The alternative is so simple, just put the lines underground to protect the park. 

Send your handwritten letters to NPA NSW

PO Box 528, Pyrmont NSW 2009

letters must be received by Friday 7th May

FYI: Link to Snowy 2.0 campaign webpage for more information

How to write a persuasive letter

  • A typed letter is good but a handwritten one is even better.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Just one page and always best to focus on just the one issue.
  • Identify yourself. In the first paragraph of your letter, describe yourself (e.g. NPA member, bushwalker, NPWS passholder, local resident, concerned citizen, etc).
  • Focus on the issue you want to raise. Use no more than three points to make your case why change is needed. 
  • Make it personal. Tell them why the issue is important and how it affects you, your family and community. 
  • We are not all experts on every issue, but we’re all entitled to a view.  It’s generally better to state how you feel about the issue rather than listing facts.
  • Ask for a reply. Include your name and address on both your letter and envelope. 
  • Letters from constituents of the local Member of Parliament always carry the most weight.  
  • People living in Hornsby electorate are in the best position to influence Matt Kean, so please reach out to any family or friends who are local constituents and encourage them to send a letter. 

NPA would like to collect copies of letters to be presented to Minister Kean before the decision is made on the project, so we need lots of letters to make an impact. We may use quotes from letters for media purposes, but names will be withheld.