No overhead transmission lines through Kosciuszko!

We need your help! Please send a letter to the NSW Planning and Environment Ministers today. Say no to overhead transmission lines through Kosciuszko National Park!

Snowy Hydro and TransGrid claim they are environmentally responsible tenants in our precious Kosciuszko National Park. So why are they planning to raze kilometres of native vegetation and threatened species habitat by building ugly overhead transmission towers through the Park rather than putting them underground?  

Kosciuszko National Park is a landscape of exceptional natural and cultural significance, protected for future generations. Infrastructure development should not be permitted in the Park, but if genuinely unavoidable, it must be designed with the overriding objective of minimising environmental damage.

New overhead transmission lines have no place in any National Park, especially when there are practical alternatives with far less impacts. The Snowy 2.0 Transmission Project must go underground connection.

Snowy Hydro and TransGrid have gone for the cheapest, most environmentally destructive option by proposing overhead towers.  Kosciuszko can’t afford further destructive, we must Say no to overhead transmission lines through Kosciuszko National Park!

Overhead towers, the most environmentally destructive option, betrays a complete lack of respect for our natural heritage. Koscisuzko National Park is an irreplaceable treasure and must be treated as such- no matter the cost!