National Parks Not For Sale

The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) is leading action to protect our parks, natural and cultural heritage, before it is too late.  

We need your help to stem the tide of commercial interests being placed above the protection and enjoyment of these precious places.

Collectively, commercial activities are leading to the loss of thousands of hectares of national parks, important cultural heritage sites, and threatening the survival of species. Our parks are the last refuge for many of the 500+ native Australian animals on the Threatened Species List, and are vital to our own well-being.

With your support, we will continue to advocate to government for improvements to park management and for the expansion of protected land and marine conservation areas. And we will not neglect our responsibility to protect existing parks from development, commercial exploitation and inappropriate use.

NSW is witnessing a proliferation of commercial proposals that will seriously undermine the core values of our parks.

The scale and intensity of commercial threats to parks are accelerating at a frightening pace. Precedents are being set by commercial activities that fundamentally undermine the reasons why national parks are declared, and we risk failing in our obligation to deliver parks to future generations in as good or better condition as when they were gazetted.” 

– Gary Dunnett, Executive Officer of NPA NSW
  • New exclusive tourism ventures, such as the Light to Light development in Ben Boyd National Park, are alienating the general public from walking tracks and access to the best views. 
  • Thirlmere National Park has been compromised and potentially permanently lost by mining development next to and under the park. Ground water systems are being disrupted, which feed an internationally significant wetland system. Mining is also impacting places like Munmorah and the Wattigans through to Dharawal and Sugarloaf. 
  • The proposed expansion of the Warragamba Dam wall by 14m will see significant cultural and natural areas in the Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park submerged to enable the sprawl of residential development across the Hawkesbury and Nepean flood plains.
  • Park resources are also under threat of exploitation from logging interests in the Murray Valley and Pilliga National Parks where proposals to degazette these delicate conservation reserves have been made. 
  • Most alarmingly, we have a commercial power station proposed to be built in Kosciuszko National Heritage Park under dubious renewable energy claims. Snowy 2.0 will trash large areas of the park including 10 square kilometres of threatened species habitat. There are alternative, less destructive, energy storage solutions. Kosciuszko is a fragile alpine ecosystem that should be preserved in perpetuity. 

Please donate to support NPA and ensure that the core conservation, recreation and educational values of the reserve estate in NSW are protected.

As nature lovers and conservationists we have an admiration for the natural beauty of our wilderness areas – places also special for our well-being.

Many commercial ventures in and adjacent to national parks, including exclusive tourism, overstep an acceptable line, impact the integrity of parks, and have propensity to destroy the places we love in ways that are unrecoverable.

We’re in it for the long haul. Our national parks are not for sale!