Nature NSW Summer 2021

Gary Dunnett, Executive Officer

Welcome to the summer edition of Nature NSW. Hopefully, like me, you are making plans for a break from work, computers and online meetings, to spend time in nature and with family and friends over the summer.

These past few months have been particularly busy addressing critical conservation issues, including several threats to our national parks: feral horses in Kosci, plans to raise Warragamba Dam and flood World Heritage Area, and various proposals for tourism and energy infrastructure threatening the integrity of our precious natural areas.

While we fight to protect the established national parks, we are also looking to the future. I was heartened to see the protection of the Gardens of Stone in the newly created State Conservation Area; the purchase of over 160,000ha of land in Western NSW to create two new National Parks; and the creation of Narriearra Carypundy Swamp National Park earlier this year. 

NPA has a strong history of developing proposals for national parks in Western Sydney. Ross McDonnell outlines our plans for a new Western Project in this edition of Nature NSW.

NPA Volunteer Awards

At this time of the year, we formally recognise the extraordinary efforts of the many volunteers involved in NPA. Leading walks, writing proposals and submissions, and supporting the organisation on various Committees is key to making NPA an effective and valuable organisation.

This year’s recipients were announced at our recent AGM. I would like to make particular mention of two members: Kate Boyd and Brian Everingham.

Kate is a member of Armidale Branch, but in her long association with NPA has also been active in three other branches: Sydney, Southern Sydney and Hunter. She has been involved in nature conservation (and NPA) since childhood, has created reserves, lead discovery walks, been involved in bush regeneration, served on Branch Committees and State Council, and been involved in education around weed and feral animal control. She has a broad depth of knowledge of plants and animals, and a passion and energy that is infectious and inspiring.

Brian, President of Southern Sydney Branch, has been involved with many aspects of NPA over the years and will be known to many of you. He has been a member of the Branch committee in a range of roles for many years, including newsletter editor. He’s also regularly served on the State Council, and its subcommittees, including the Executive Committee. He’s represented conservation interests on the National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council. He is a strong advocate for nature conservation, and regularly communicates photo essays on a range of topics to our community. Brian is also a regular walks leader and keen photographer and bird watcher.

Kate and Brian have been made Honorary Life Members of NPA in recognition of their service, with our deepest thanks.

Enjoy this edition of Nature NSW and have a safe and relaxing summer.

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