We must save our precious land

You may recall that back in July our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, returning from a G20 meeting with the news that Australia had joined an international a pledge to protect biodiversity. Australia is now committed to dedicating at least 30% of our nation’s land and sea to biodiversity conservation by not later than 2030.  It’s worth remembering that in NSW national parks currently comprise less than 10% of our state.  

Less than 10% is not enough, so much more of our precious land must be saved!

If we want to stop the extinction crisis flowing across the globe, we must protect far more of the natural landscapes, ecosystems and habitats that support our precious wildlife and flora. In fact, we need to save at least three times more land!

This is the hope that sits at the heart of NPA. We are founded on the vision that the very best way we can conserve nature is to create, manage and treasure protected areas, yet we do not receive any government funding and rely entirely on the generosity of people like you to carry out this essential work.

At NPA we are committed to achieve, through our hard work with local communities and evidence-based advocacy.  We cannot do this work alone; we need your support so that together we can protect more of our precious land.

Did you know we are actively pursuing The Great Koala National Park proposal on the mid north coast? 

It is an extraordinary landscape, that protects the largest remaining koala colonies in NSW and habitat for the unbearably goofy Greater Gliders and secretive Platypus.  A landscape that is embraced by national parks along the escarpment and coast, but whose heart is threatened by a ravaging forestry industry which regards these irreplaceable forests as nothing more than a ‘wood bowl’ to be devastated by chainsaws and bulldozers and lost forever.

This cannot happen. We must take a stand today.  How can anyone question the future of these magnificent forests? 

Moving towards 30 by 30 through the creation of the Great Koala National Park is absolutely critical. We must save our land or there will be the unthinkable – disastrous species extinction.  We must act now.

With your support, NPA will, over the next 6 months, be working on proposals through a new initiative to identify potential new reserves across Western NSW.  

NPA has a proven ‘evidence first’ approach to conservation advocacy, and we use the most up to date information to identify good prospects for new reserves and work tirelessly to see them adopted by Government.  We cannot do this work without your support. Will you partner with us today and fund this vital work? 


We need your investment to make this critical work possible.

Tragically, NPA cannot afford to concentrate all our collective energies on the next generation of parks- we must also protect our existing national parks from the thoughtless depredations of government and vested interests.  

Shockingly, this evil intent is directed at some of our largest and most significant natural landscapes, and most especially Kosciuszko National Park and the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. 

We are also taking an active stand to ensure the best outcomes for our existing national parks.

Fifteen years ago the Kosciuszko Plan of Management declared that no more of the park should be sacrificed for overhead transmission lines, mandating that all new connections must be buried underground to minimise environmental impact.  In 2021 NPA is taking the NSW Government to court to ensure they retain this well-founded policy! If we don’t do this, then the alternative is a cleared swathe 200 metres wide by 8 kilometres long through the park.  How can such vandalism be acceptable in an era where we need to treble the size of our national parks?  

Devastatingly, this is not the only threat facing Kosciuszko. Between the ballooning feral horse population, climate change and proposals for another 4,000 accommodation beds, our alpine park is truly on the brink.  NPA cannot allow this atrocious treatment of Kosciuszko to continue. 

We will undertake every possible action to protect, maintain and enhance these precious landscapes.  

What you don’t expect is yet another infrastructure project, this time a 17% increase to the dam wall at Warragamba that would flood thousands of hectares of the World Heritage Area.  A preposterous proposal, characterised by outrageous secrecy, evasion, and outright deception about the scale of inevitable damage to the Blue Mountains.  Another disaster that flies in the face of securing more habitat for nature.

We have an opportunity to plan for the next generation of parks, today.  

Our National parks need to be well managed if they are to do their job in conserving biodiversity, and increasingly they need to be protected from the very Governments whose job is to protect them.  More than ever, our parks rely upon the expertise, local knowledge, and determination of your NPA.  

Please make your most generous donation today. Together, we can be the voice for nature and our national parks.  

All donations above $2 are tax deductible.