Leaving NPA a gift in your Will

Can you imagine a future without national parks?

We in the NPA can’t. Your support through a legacy will ensure that national parks are there for future generations.

The focus of governments is increasingly short-term. Growing and maintaining national parks and improving biodiversity conservation are getting lower on the priority list, but given the impacts of global warming and habitat loss, the role of national parks will grow increasingly important. We in the NPA take the long view. National parks need to be forever.

Our core purpose will always be to protect and grow national parks and other protected areas, but our day-to-day priorities change so that we can effectively respond to changes in government policy and other threats and opportunities. Unconditional gifts in wills give us the greatest potential to meet these threats and grasp the opportunities.  

In the past 10 years, gifts in wills have enabled us to:

  • successfully advocate to extend national parks, including 100,000 ha of red gum national Park in the Murray and Riverina.
  • Reduce threats within national parks, for example through the successful “no hunting in National Parks” campaign
  • advance arguments for the creation of new national parks, such as the Great Koala National Park on the New South Wales mid-North Coast
  • advocate for the transition of state forests to protected areas after the expiry of the Regional Forests Agreements from 2019 onwards
  • build our organisational capacity, for example through the procurement of a new client records system so we can keep in better touch with our members and supporters

To help us take the long view, we have established our Investing in Nature Fund.  The aim of the Fund is to provide sufficient financial independence and security to fund long-term investment in major conservation projects, including advocacy, education, research and on-ground work. The Fund will also give us a dependable funding source that is free from year to year fluctuations, and an investment income stream.  Your support for the Fund through a legacy will help secure the future of the NPA and our national parks.

We realise that leaving a gift to the NPA in your will is a personal and significant decision. To discuss how you might help secure the future of the Association and the future of our national parks system through leaving a legacy, please email NPA Executive Officer, Gary Dunnett or call the NPA office on 02 9299 0000.

Unsure about the wording to include us in your will? See our suggested wording. 

“I joined NPA in 1975. I found a like-minded group who fought hard to protect our environment. I also found a “family”. NPA has provided my life with meaning and when I leave this beautiful planet I want to help NPA in its work into the future. That’s why I am leaving a bequest in my will. Please consider doing the same. It does make a difference.” – Brian Everingham

If you’ve left us a gift, please let us know so we can thank you properly and welcome you to our legacy family. By making NPA a beneficiary in your will you will enable our team to campaign to maintain and expand the beautiful network of NSW National Parks we enjoy so much today.

Suggested wording for a gift to NPA in your will

It is important that you clearly express how you want to leave a gift in your will to NPA. While we provide some guidance here, it is important that you seek legal advice when having your will drafted. The Law Society of New South Wales can refer you to an appropriate solicitor or you can seek the advice of organisations such as the Public Trustee.