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One of the most damaging developments facing a national park in NSW is the construction of overhead transmission lines as part of the Snowy 2.0 project.  Way back in 2006 the Kosciuszko Plan of Management mandated that all future lines must be placed underground to reduce their environmental impact, yet the former NSW Government went ahead and approved the construction of the largest transmission towers and clearance of the widest easement ever placed in a NSW National Park.     

How would this be allowed in a landscape of such incredibly great beauty and ecological significance? If it goes ahead, the result will be massive habitat destruction, landscape fragmentation and permanent scarring of the alpine viewscape.  This is not acceptable, especially when there is a much less damaging alternative, namely the use of underground lines.    

We cannot stand by and allow this devastation to take place. Our campaigning has reached the point where we have no alternative but to take the government to court! We have no choice now but to heavily invest in ensuring that the government is held to account and will do the right thing for our natural environments and supposedly protected areas.  This is certainly unusual for us to take legal action and it was certainly unplanned – we had hoped for a resolution earlier in this process but due to the immediate threat to the national park we have no option.  

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