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It has been a challenging year and we are only at the start of 2023. The increasingly polarised attitudes towards the environment in the lead up to the NSW election, and the economic challenges confronting us all, is placing much stress on your NPA’s capacity to protect nature through community action.

There is so much ahead of us this year! We are launching legal actions to protect our most precious parks, especially Kosciuszko National Park, from permanent damage. Preparing the forward-thinking plans for new national parks and marine reserves that have been the hallmark of NPA for generations. Building the credibility that allows NPA to be so influential across the political divides. And most importantly, ensuring that we continue to provide our members with wonderful opportunities to experience nature with friends old and new.

These priorities are essential for the future of our natural environments, but they are relying upon the generosity of our supporters to be successful. This is proving especially challenging in the economic environment and fundraising environment that we are working within.

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