NPA volunteer awards

Our annual awards recognise and celebrate the valuable contribution, effort and achievement made by volunteers. Nominations are now being accepted under 6 award categories.

  • Local Achievement Award: for outstanding contribution to local or regional nature conservation projects, or activities conducted by a branch or other local group.
  • Activity Leadership Award: for outstanding leadership in the outdoor activity program.
  • Organisational Support Award: for outstanding contribution to organisational or administrative support.
  • State Conservation Award: for outstanding contribution to State-wide nature conservation projects.
  • Excellence in Conservation Award: for outstanding service to NPA and the nature conservation sector.
  • Allen and Beryl Strom Award: for exceptional service to NPA, the nature conservation sector and the wider community.

General criteria for awards

NPA members and supporters, or a group of members or supporters can be considered for an award if they have:

  • provided voluntary service to NPA over an extended period, or supported NPA through voluntary service elsewhere within the nature conservation sector
  • achieved results through extraordinary effort, commitment, initiative, innovation or creativity
  • provided a fitting role model for others.

Making a nomination

You can make a nomination if you are a current NPA member. Branch committees and staff can also make a nomination.

Award process

Local achievement awards will be determined by the relevant branch committee. All other awards will be determined by the Recruitment and Awards Committee.

Award recipients will receive a certificate, together with any prizes or gift vouchers that may be available. Recipients and persons who made a nomination will be notified by the NPA Secretary or Operations Manager.

The Allen and Beryl Strom Award is reserved for persons who have made an exceptional contribution. Nominations must be supported by extensive documentation of the nominee’s actions, achievements and character. For example, biographical notes, outstanding qualities, dates and periods of service, major successes and their significance, other awards or recognition, photos, documents, reminiscences or anecdotes.

Presentation of awards

Awards may be presented at local functions organised by the relevant branch committee. The awards ceremony is held in conjunction with the NPA Annual Dinner and AGM.


For further information, please contact the NPA Office, tel: 02 9299 0000.