NPA Webinars – Connecting with Nature

This NPA webinar series explores how our members and supporters connect with nature.  We all have our own ways of forging such connections, whether by bushwalking, snorkelling, research, citizen science, bush regeneration, photography or becoming involved in conservation advocacy.  There’s never been a better time to hear about other’s experiences and you might just find a thing or two to add to your post-pandemic bucket list.   

All of the webinars will be on Zoom. Participants will be able to ask questions of the presenters. The webinars will be recorded and can be watched later if you miss the live session. Registration is essential to access the live session.

Upcoming webinars

Climate change, protected areas and bushfire protection standards

Presenter: Dr Grahame Douglas, President, NPA NSW

Date: Wednesday 1 June, 6-7pm (Zoom)

Courtesy of QFRS, 2020

Dr Grahame Douglas has a long career and interest in bushfire management and planning for protection of environmental assets. In 2018 he completed his PhD and now lectures at Western Sydney University. Grahame will discuss recent bushfire events (2019/20) and his research on climate change and how planning for bushfire protection intersects with the need for protected areas that are connected and managed appropriately, with that of neighbours wishing to build in bushfire prone areas.

The Pilliga

Wednesday 15 June 6-7pm

Presenters: Lynne Hosking and Pat Schultz, NPA Armidale Branch

Worthy of protection for its cultural and natural values, it is under threat from Coal Seam Gas and coal mining operations. Pat Schultz and Lynne Hosking will share the beauty of The Pilliga and the work being done to protect this precious area, including through Pat’s Pilliga Tours and the involvement of Pilliga Pottery.

BirdLife Australia’s Woodland Birds Program Overview

Wednesday 29 June 6-7pm

Presenter: Candice Larkin, BirdLife Australia

Co-hosted with Australian Association of Bush Regenerators (AABR)

Within the framework of BirdLife Australia, there are a number of different programs that are each focussed on the conservation and protection of a particular bird assemblage.  The focus of this talk is the Woodland Birds Program, one of BirdLife’s longest-running programs. Much of the Woodland Bird Program is coordinated and implemented in accordance with the Temperate Woodland Birds Conservation Action Plan (‘TWB CAP’).  Developed over many years with consultation with external specialists and practitioners (including the NPA), the TWB CAP has identified 10 core management interventions that are considered necessary to conserve and restore populations of a range of threatened and declining woodland-specialist bird taxa. The talk will focus on the NSW component of the Woodland Bird Program, where up to 90% of temperate woodlands have been lost, with the majority of the remaining 10% being highly fragmented and as a result, of little use to obligate woodland birds. Hear how BirdLife Australia is attempting to reverse the declines of one of our most iconic bird groups.

Black Cockatoo Conservation Program

Wednesday 13 July, 6pm

Presenter: Dr Pamela Fallow, BirdLife Australia

Co-hosted with Australian Association of Bush Regenerators (AABR)

The Recovery of the Regent Honeyeater – The Jewel of the Temperate Woodlands

Wednesday 27 July, 6pm

Presenter: Mick Roderick, Birdlife Australia

Co-hosted with Australian Association of Bush Regenerators (AABR)

Past Webinars

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