How we are governed 

Our governance arrangements help ensure that we remain focused on our goals, adhere to legal requirements, maintain accountability, and meet expectations for ethical conduct. These measures underpin our effectiveness and reputation. Key elements in our governance are: 

  • ACNC governance standards 
  • NPA governing rules 
  • NPA governance policies 

ACNC governance standards 

We adhere to the following Governance Standards set down by the Australian Charities and Not-for Profits Commission: 

  1. Purposes and not-for-profit nature of a registered charity 
  2. Accountability to members 
  3. Compliance with Australian laws 
  4. Suitability of responsible persons 
  5. Duties of responsible persons. 

NPA governing rules 

Our Governing Rules comprise a constitution and supporting by-laws. They set out NPA’s formal objects, internal structure, member rights and obligations, and detailed procedural matters. By joining NPA, members agree to comply with the governing rules. 

NPA governance policies 

Our governance policies support compliance with applicable laws and governance standards, while also promoting conformance with good practice and an ethical code of behaviour. Policies have been adopted on the following matters. These are appended to the NPA Governing Rules (see above). 

D1 Conflicts of interest D2 Related party transactions D3 Reimbursement of expenses D4 Whistleblowers D5 Complaints and compliments D6 Dispute resolution D7 Record keeping, retention and access D8 Funds management D9 External relationships D10 Volunteer awards D11 Inappropriate behaviour D12 Participation in outdoor activities