Bushwalking For Beginners

Bushwalking is a great experience, but it can be a little daunting for those not familiar with the activity. NPA has developed a comprehensive bushwalking training tool and a handbook to help you thrive in the wild.

Bushwalking Basics – Thrive In The Wild

All new NPA members are sent a free bushwalking guide. This handbook is available free of charge as a PDF.

Download Bushwalking Basics – Thrive In The Wild

Bushwalking 101

Bushwalking 101 is National Parks Association of NSW’s very own online bushwalking training tool. If you are new to bushwalking or NPA and would like to learn the ropes or if you are a seasoned bushwalking veteran who just needs a little refresher course, bushwalking 101 has it all!

Start Your Bushwalking Training Today! www.bushwalking101.org