Our Goals

Protecting nature 

We are committed to achieving: 

  • a diverse, well managed and spatially connected network of protected areas that meets international conservation targets—for both land and sea 
  • effective regional and local habitat connectivity across public and private lands to halt habitat loss and fragmentation and provide resilience to climate impacts 
  • appropriate use and management of protected areas, natural landscapes and natural resources 
  • due recognition, respect and involvement for Aboriginal peoples in the care and management of their traditional estates and country 
  • robust legislation, policy and planning that supports these goals. 

Connecting people with nature 

Helping people to experience, discover and care for nature is at the heart of what we do. 

  • Experiencing nature: our outdoor activity program (including bushwalking, cycling, camping and many other pursuits) is unrivalled in Australia, and is supported by an extraordinary team of skilled and knowledgeable volunteer leaders. 
  • Discovering nature: our community field surveys allow people to study and research nature for their own personal understanding and appreciation, while also contributing to wider scientific and cultural knowledge. We use this knowledge to support our evidence-based campaigns. 
  • Caring for nature: our bush regeneration and land management programs give participants a satisfying pastime and practical capacity and skills, while also supporting nature conservation goals. 

Read our Strategic Plan 

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