National Parks Association NSW supports ‘Yes’ at the Voice Referendum 

The State Council of the National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) has endorsed the ‘Yes’ campaign for The Voice referendum on 14th October 2023.

State Council is the governing body of NPA and is composed of delegates from geographically based branches across NSW and from specialist committees. It expressed support for The Voice at its first meeting (Saturday 16th September 2023) since the date for the referendum was announced

There was unanimous support for the ‘Yes’ campaign from delegates.

‘NPA Branches and members have over many years worked closely with traditional owners and Indigenous Australian organisations dedicated to caring for country. These groups have strived with us to preserve natural areas and to ensure that they are managed in the best way possible’, said Dr Grahame Douglas, NPA president

‘Support for the referendum question is important because it recognises and respects the continuing culture of Indigenous Australians. It also provides a way for the knowledge gained over tens of thousands of years to be shared and integrated with western knowledge and scientific inquiry.’

‘The knowledge of Indigenous Australians about the ecology of Australia and the care and management of Country is central to preserving our much-loved landscapes. The Voice provides a way of ensuring that the people who hold that knowledge can prosper and contribute beyond what they have already generously given to solving the critical environmental problems that Australia faces’, concluded Dr Douglas.


Media Contact: NPA CEO, Gary Dunnett. NPA President, Dr Grahame Douglas 02 9299 0000  

Big step towards creating the Great Koala National Park welcomed

The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) welcomed the NSW Environment Minister’s announcement to halt timber harvesting operations within koala hubs of the Great Koala National Park.   

‘We’re very relieved that the NSW Government has finally agreed to suspend logging in 106 mapped Koala Hubs, which are some of the most significant areas of koala habitat within the Great Koala National Park and NSW’ said Dr Grahame Douglas, NPA president.  

‘NPA’s next priority is expanding that protection to the remainder of the proposed Great Koala National Park, especially the habitats and connecting corridors that are so essential to the long-term survival of koalas.’  

NPA also welcomed the release of Minister Sharpe’s announcement of consultation and assessment processes to ensure the Great Koala National Park aligns with the highest standards of environmental protection.

 ‘NPA presented the original Great Koala National Park proposal to the former NSW Government in 2016. We’ll participate throughout the consultation and assessment process to help to bring this long overdue park into reality’ concluded NPA CEO Gary Dunnett.


Media Contact: 
NPA CEO, Gary Dunnett. NPA President, Dr Grahame Douglas 02 9299 0000 

Snowy 2.0 Doesn’t Stack Up

The National Parks Association NSW (NPA) launched a short film exposing the destruction that the Snowy 2.0 project is inflicting on the unique and fragile ecosystem of Kosciuszko National Park

“The film documents the massive environmental damage Snowy 2.0 has inflicted on Kosciuszko, as well as Snowy Hydro’s shameful failure to minimise the impact of their construction works on the national park” stated NPA CEO Gary Dunnett

Snowy 2.0 repeatedly fined for polluting Kosciuszko National Park

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has issued a $15,000 fine to Snowy 2.0 contractor WeBuild S.P.A. for allowing 9000 litres of sediment-laden water to pollute the Yarrangobilly River in Kosciuszko National Park.

National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) CEO Gary Dunnett stated “The reckless polluting of Yarrangobilly River, along with a series of other environmental breaches, shows that Snowy 2.0 cannot be trusted to operate inside Kosciuszko National Park.

National Parks Association welcomes rethink on feral horse control in Kosciuszko National Park 

The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) welcomes the NSW Environment Minister’s announcement of a review of feral horse control techniques for Kosciuszko National Park. 

“It’s long past time that the National Parks and Wildlife Service were permitted to use aerial culling, the most effective technique for removing large vertebrate pests from environmentally sensitive landscapes” stated NPA President Dr Grahame Douglas.   

Forestry Corporation shows blatant disregard for integrity of Great Koala National Park

NPA NSW is concerned the NSW Government is turning a blind-eye to the public owned logging corporation’s persistent practice of taking advantage of loose forestry rules that are enabling it to industrially-log the best parts of the Great Koala National Park.