“To preserve in their natural condition”

When it comes to preserving National Parks in their natural condition, there has been a seemingly insatiable pressure to inappropriately develop the most precious of protected natural places.

NPA’s strength begins with the absolute integrity and foresight of that commitment ‘To preserve in their natural condition, as far as possible, the National Parks of NSW and to secure the reservation of all suitable areas’. Our success is built on unwavering determination and the understanding there is so much still to do.

Help us continue to turn the dream of a truly world class, biodiverse and ecologically sustained network of National Parks into reality.

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Some good news for the Great Koala National Park: Koala Hubs protected from logging, well sort of…

James Sherwood, Conservation Campaigner On September 11, the Minister for the Environment announced the suspension of logging operations from Koala Hubs within the proposed area of the Great Koala National Park. The hubs cover about 5% of the 176,000 hectares…