Help us protect Kosciuszko National Park!

Our campaigning to prevent the most damaging developments, the construction of overhead transmission lines as part of the Snowy 2.0 project, has reached the point where we have no alternative but to take the government to court! We have no choice now but to heavily invest in ensuring that the government is held to account and will do the right thing for our natural environments and supposedly protected areas.

Please partner with us and invest in the future of Kosciuszko National Park so that we can continue to enjoy the beautiful landscape and save our precious habitats, while demonstrating that our national parks are not grounds for commercial venture but for the flourishing of the native flora and fauna and the wellbeing of those who enjoy it.  

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Putting a Price on Nature

Anne Reeves and Rachel Fitzhardinge, NPA Park Management Committee Introduction  Classical economics does not deal with social or environmental issues. The intrinsic and complex world of nature, our life support system, is overlooked. Accordingly, national economic accounts do not identify…