The Pilliga – Protect or Plunder?

Lynne Hosking, President Armidale NPA

“The Pilliga Forest has long been recognised as one of the most important areas for biodiversity in eastern Australia”

Narrabri Shire.

Homeland of the Gomeroi (Gamilaraay) people, The Pilliga gained attention in the 1980’s with the publication of Eric Roll’s book, A Million Wild Acres.

Pilliga Field Trip

Rachel Fitzhardinge
State Councillor, National Parks Association of NSW

Pat Schultz has been very active in the campaign against Coal Seam Gas (CSG) exploration in the Pilliga. She has written a book titled “The Plundering of Pilliga and Leard Forests and the Surrounding Farmlands”. She has also led many tours like this one to show people what is happening in the Pilliga as a result of CSG exploration. In 2014, Pat “locked-on” to a truck carrying a drill rig in Pilliga Forest for a number of hours. She was arrested and fined $1,800.