Blue Mountains World Heritage and Bushfire

Roger Lembit, Ecologist

The National Parks of the Blue Mountains, which form the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, have been the site of extensive and unprecedented bushfires, which have raised concern internationally about the status of these parks.

Book Review – Reptiles of Victoria: a guide to identification and ecology

Author: Peter Robertson and A. John Coventry
Review by Deryk Engel, Director, Lesryk Environmental Pty Ltd
Reptiles of Victoria has been produced by authors Peter Robertson and A. John Coventry as a means to provide both novices and professionals with a logical approach to Keying out that State’s species. The guide documents the 117 recognised reptiles that occur within Victoria, and an additional six that are ‘vagrant’ or introduced.

A revolution in agriculture improves prospects for conservation

David Teather, Emeritus Professor and long-standing NPA member

It’s not surprising that attention on nature conservation in Australia is focused on the 8% of the total land area of the country that is reserved for conservation purposes. But what about the much larger proportion, 54% of the total, that is used for livestock grazing? Smaller proportions are used for other forms of agriculture (4%), and forestry (2%).