Some good news for the Great Koala National Park: Koala Hubs protected from logging, well sort of…

James Sherwood, Conservation Campaigner

On September 11, the Minister for the Environment announced the suspension of logging operations from Koala Hubs within the proposed area of the Great Koala National Park. The hubs cover about 5% of the 176,000 hectares that will be assessed in the creation of the park. Koala Hubs are critical multi-generational resident koala populations and their habitats and 42% of the recorded koala sightings in state forests have occurred in them since 2000.

Displaced koala found adjacent to a clearfell logging operation in the proposed Great Koala National Park 

The National Parks Association NSW (NPA) has obtained video of a likely displaced koala barely 40m from the edge of a clearfelled logging coupe in Pine Creek State Forest within the proposed Great Koala National Park (GKNP).

“The coupe contained a mapped Koala Hub that was home to at least one koala and likely more.  This Koala Hub was treated as plantation by Forestry Corporation but in reality it was a regenerating Flooded Gum and mixed species forest of very high value to koalas,” stated NPA President, Dr Grahame Douglas. 

Big step towards creating the Great Koala National Park welcomed

The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) welcomed the NSW Environment Minister’s announcement to halt timber harvesting operations within koala hubs of the Great Koala National Park.   

‘We’re very relieved that the NSW Government has finally agreed to suspend logging in 106 mapped Koala Hubs, which are some of the most significant areas of koala habitat within the Great Koala National Park and NSW’ said Dr Grahame Douglas, NPA president.  

‘NPA’s next priority is expanding that protection to the remainder of the proposed Great Koala National Park, especially the habitats and connecting corridors that are so essential to the long-term survival of koalas.’  

NPA also welcomed the release of Minister Sharpe’s announcement of consultation and assessment processes to ensure the Great Koala National Park aligns with the highest standards of environmental protection.

 ‘NPA presented the original Great Koala National Park proposal to the former NSW Government in 2016. We’ll participate throughout the consultation and assessment process to help to bring this long overdue park into reality’ concluded NPA CEO Gary Dunnett.


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Emotions running high in proposed area for Great Koala National Park  

James Sherwood, NPA Conservation Campaigner

Concerns for high value habitat in the Great Koala National Park  

Four months since the new state government took office, we are no closer to the Great Koala National Park’s establishment. There is a lack of clarity around the process for the park’s creation, which has led to locals questioning whether the integrity of the proposed park’s values will remain intact.  

Forestry Corporation shows blatant disregard for integrity of Great Koala National Park

NPA NSW is concerned the NSW Government is turning a blind-eye to the public owned logging corporation’s persistent practice of taking advantage of loose forestry rules that are enabling it to industrially-log the best parts of the Great Koala National Park.

Forestry Corporation targeting one of NSW’s most significant koala populations  

The National Parks Association (NPA) is calling on Agriculture Minister Tara Moriaty and Environment Minister Penny Sharpe to intervene to save critically important koala habitats from a cynical attempt by Forestry Corporation to derail the creation of the Great Koala National Park.  

NPA President Dr Grahame Douglas states ‘Over the weekend Forestry Corporation added an additional 746 hectares of prime koala habitat in Pine Creek State Forest for clear felling’, this is on top of the 374 hectares already planned. They have also now given the green light to the immediate clear felling of compartment 14.