Don’t forget the fires (poem)

Lesley Hodges

Don’t forget the fires when it’s cool and moist and starts to rain.
The monster’s only sleeping – don’t treat it with disdain.
We’re feeding it with Carbon,
It will rise and come again.

Don’t forget the terror, lost lives and property,
The trauma and the worry. Thank God for our community.
Don’t forget the billion native animals that used to bless our land.
Those animals left; they need us; we must also give them a hand.

Climate change is real, my friend. It’s showed its teeth this year.
Through floods and ice and mighty fires,
While we had to watch in fear.
Beaches are growing smaller, Pacific islands bear her wrath.
Rivers stopping running and the fish can only gasp.

You can keep on denying. Why not? You say we need our coal.
And gas and fracking and all that stuff.  But they’re doing harm to all.
Still, you want to live the same old way; stay all nice and comfortable.
You don’t want to change a thing – that is what I’m told.

But surely, for our children’s sake, it’s time for something new. 
We could reduce our emissions with a decent strategy or two.
Our economy will benefit if we only play it right,
Instead of losing money from the drought and flood and fire.

We could be a leader to the world –
One that sends a needed voice.
It’s time to make some changes.
It’s time to make the choice.

Climate Change Anthem

(To be sung to the tune of Advance Australia Fair)

Australia’s water must be saved
we need each precious drop
we’ve wasted water long enough
and now it’s gotta stop.
Our land grows browner every day
the dams are dry, we’re told
this generation has the means
for change, we must be bold.

So loud and strong now let us sing
for change, we must be bold

The climate change is caused by man
land management is poor
our rivers choke and wildlife dies
can’t do it anymore.
A dry tsunami threatens us
not fiction, it’s a fact
before the landscape chokes with salt
our government must act.

So loud and strong now let us sing
our government must act.

Don’t leave it to the pollies
to Kyoto and the Yanks
we must act now to make things right
please join us in the ranks.
Sustain, conserve, de-salinate
give life back to our lands
c’mon now, all you Aussie mates
the future’s in our hands.

So loud and strong now let us sing
the future’s in our hands!

© Pip Griffin 2007