Book Review: The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson

First edition published 1951. 3rd edition published 2018.

Reviewed by Mike Pickles.

Since the publication in 1951 of Rachel Carson’s epic tribute to the ocean, more has been learned about the nature of the ocean and why it matters to the existence of life on Earth than had been learned in prior human history.’ So reads the opening paragraph of the introduction to the 2018 reprint of the book by Sylvia Earle, a marine biologist and Geographic Society Explorer in Residence with several books on the ocean to her name.

The Legacy of Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’

Janine Kitson, Vice President Colong Foundation for Wilderness
Rachel Carson (1907-1964) is famed for her ground breaking ecological warnings on the long-term dangers of pesticides – particularly DDT – for birds, wildlife, and humans. Her brilliance was her calm scientific eloquence that described the beauty of the natural world and her reverence for its complex ecological interrelationships. She loved the sea and understood its rhythms stretching back into millennia.

Marie Byles & Rachel Carson

Two exceptional women who loved Nature

Janine Kitson, Member of the National Parks Association of NSW

Based on the NPA course presented to the WEA, Sydney on 15 October, 2016

With special thanks to Anne McLeod, author of The Summit of Her Ambition, The spirited life of Marie Byles 2016

US writer, Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring is claimed to have heralded in the modern environment movement.  Australia’s Marie Byles is recognised as NSW’s first practicing woman solicitor as well as a leading woman bushwalker, mountain climber and conservationist. This NPA/WEA, Sydney course compared these two outstanding conservationists – an American and an Australian – and explored how these two indomitable and fearless women contributed so much to the development of the modern environment movement.