Connecting for Conservation

Some 60 participants gathered at a property on Tindalls Lane, Broughton Vale last Saturday (26 November) to hear about the work of Berry Landcare and a project to conserve and enhance the Berry Wildlife Corridor.

The Berry Wildlife Corridor consists of a patchwork of remnant native vegetation situated between Barren Grounds and Seven Mile Beach, north of the Shoalhaven River.

The gathering was joined by the Mayor of Shoalhaven, Amanda Findley, and three Ward 1 Councillors, Annette Alldrick, Nina Cheyne and John Wells, all of whom have demonstrated strong support for local conservation initiatives and groups such as Berry Landcare.

Keen local interest in the project was demonstrated by the predominance of local landholders from within the corridor.

Participants viewed the corridor from a nearby ridgeline, discussed the aims and methods of the corridor project with presentations and displays, and enjoyedabarbecueoflocally sourced food.

Bill Pigott, convenor of the Berry Landcare corridor committee, said that “The forum has successfully connected many of the Berry Corridor landowners and communicated how this project coordinates management and linking of regionally important wildlife and habitat values of the area.

Berry Bush Links is a 10 year Bush Connect project funded by the NSW Environmental Trust.

It is run by Berry Landcare and the National Parks Association of NSW Inc, in partnership with a consortium of other partners including landowners in the corridor.

The project assists landholders in conserving and re-establishing habitat connectivity across the Berry Corridor, so that wildlife (such as the Greater Glider) can live and move more effectively between the escarpment and the coast.

Habitat rehabilitation including weed & feral animal control, fencing, linking patches of remnant vegetation via tree planting in addition to landowner training workshops and forums are the cornerstones of this long-term project.

Berry Landcare expressed their thanks to all who participated and their special gratitude to Ms Lisa Havilah for hosting the event.

For more information or to get involved in the Berry Bush Links project, contact Bush Connect Project Manager, David Rush on 0418 977 402, or contact Berry Landcare on:

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