Who/What is the Landscape Conservation Forum?

Grahame Douglas, Convenor, Landscape Conservation Forum

Formerly referred to as the Reserves Committee of NPA State Council, the Landscape Conservation Forum considers all aspects of the natural and cultural environment of NSW, including terrestrial, marine, littoral, inter-tidal, scenic landscape, indigenous culture, non-indigenous cultural aspects within a natural setting and geo-diversity on both public and private land.

The Terms of Reference for the Landscape Conservation Forum is to:

  • Engage with branches, State Council, the NPA Executive and NPA staff as well as local and regional NGO conservation groups, in the identification and garnering of community support for protected area establishment of all types in NSW;
  • Respond to and seek clear support for an updated and effective National Parks Establishment Plan;
  • Promote a comprehensive, adequate, representative and resilient system of protected areas which represents the diversity and connectivity of landscapes within NSW;
  • Identify and promote all forms of natural and cultural protected areas, landscapes and areas of scientific interest for the conservation and enjoyment of the community of NSW, Australia and internationally;
  • Promote and advocate for the transfer of suitable areas of public land under the auspices of the NPWS as the sole public land management agency for NSW;
  • Support politicians seeking to facilitate the establishment of new parks or additions to the NSW national parks estate;
  • Provide NPA and the community with a contemporary model of protected areas legislation and suitable planning instruments which captures public land management and the protection and conservation of the diversity of environments, sites, places and landscapes of universal, national, State and regional significance;
  • Develop and communicate policy in relation to reserve establishment and landscape conservation for public, private and indigenous protected areas;
  • Monitor and report to NPA State Council on the numbers of areas being protected through reservation or loss of protection through revocation of national parks estate.

The Landscape Conservation Forum does not have meetings, but rather uses digital communication to seek consensus in relation to policy issues of importance to the NPA. Any member of the NPA can be involved in the discussions of the Forum. Some members engage for a single issue, whereas others might wish to maintain long term involvement over a range of issues. The Forum does not engage in park management issues, which is the province of the State Council Park Management Committee. The current Convenor is Grahame Douglas.

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