National Parks Association releases economic case for change for ending native forest logging on public land

On Wednesday 20th June at 6.30pm, the National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) will release an economic case for change for its Forests For All plan that seeks to end industrialised logging on public land.

The preliminary business case seeks to demonstrate to Government that there is an economically viable alternative to industrialised native forest logging, and that the impending end of the Regional Forest Agreements should prompt a just and orderly exit away from logging.

Some of the key findings in the case for change are:

  • Implementation of a suite of domestic and international commitments would be progressed by implementing Forests For All;

  • A nation’s reputation is important to its economy, and Forests For All would have a positive reputational influence by protecting Australia’s renowned environmental values;

  • Implementing Forests For All would send a strong international message that Australia remains a leader on conservation and tackling climate change as a responsible global citizen;

  • There are large economic benefits to be realised in the areas of health, nature-based tourism, carbon, water and on-ground restoration by implementing Forests For All and;

  • The number of jobs supported by native forest logging in coastal NSW is estimated at just 1,470, which is 0.03% of all primary industries employment (0.0008% of total NSW employment).

NPA’s CEO, Alix Goodwin, said:

“This is a good news story: for decades, the forestry industry has been voluntarily transitioning away from native forest logging and towards plantations  – probably because they’re more cost-effective and it’s easier to achieve international certification — vital for marketing to increasingly conscious consumers.

“The forestry industry essentially is now the plantation industry. The case for change shows that native forest logging now supports very few jobs, and that implementing Forests For All is likely to have significant economic and employment benefits.

“New Zealand successfully transitioned away from native forest logging on public land after public concern over the environmental impacts of logging became apparent. New Zealand has thrived ever since. We can do the same.

“We are asking the NSW Government to think again before implementing its proposals to log old-growth forests and clearfell koala habitat just to get the last remnants of timber for a declining industry.

“We have demonstrated that there is a way forward that can protect the environment and deliver jobs and economic outcomes for regional NSW. It’s time for both sides of politics to work together and protect our public native forests to realise these benefits.”


Media contact: Alix Goodwin (NPA CEO): 02 9299 0000

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