Book Review: Surviving the 21st Century

Surviving the 21st Century is an important, must read book for all who hope and strive for a better future for our species, Homo sapiens.

Highly regarded Australian science writer, author Julian Cribb sets out an extensively researched analysis of humankind’s influence on our planet, from learning to use fire as a tool to the all pervasive anthropocentric era of today. While not a comfortable read, the culminating proposals in each chapter of the book summarise what we need to do, globally and personally, offering a much needed positive path for action.

In discussing this at the book club we identified a number of issues particularly relevant for NPA as we review our strategies and policies, particularly in regard to connecting people with nature through community activities and education.

This is an excellent and practical guide on how to move forward as we face the challenges and risks of a planet under pressure. Not a light read but a much needed go-to reference and blueprint for action– providing we have the wisdom and the will.

Review by Anne Reeves

Surviving the 21st Century

Author: Julian Cribb
Publisher: Springer 2017
More information:

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