NPA Welcomes NSW Environment Minister’s commitment to save native wildlife

The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) welcomes the commitment by the NSW Environment Minister, Matt Kean MP to protect the native wildlife that has survived the devastating fires of this summer through the humane control of feral predators and competitors.

NPA Executive Officer Gary Dunnett today stated ‘ NPA commends Minister Kean and the NSW Government for having the moral courage to make a choice for the future of our state’s native species.

‘Our wildlife and their habitats have never been under greater pressure than in the wake of these disastrous fires. Some native species have most likely already gone extinct and many others have been pushed to the brink.

‘We must take all reasonable steps to ensure that remaining native wildlife populations have a chance to survive the impact of the fires, in the hope that they will ultimately recolonise the many habitats that have been ravaged across our state.

‘The most effective ways of helping our native species to survive this ordeal right now are to reduce competition for the remaining food and habitat from feral goats, pigs, deer and rabbits, the destruction of slow-recovering alpine habitats by feral horses, and predation by foxes and cats.

‘The choice is stark. We can reduce the populations of over-abundant feral species, or watch as they hasten the extinction of entire species of irreplaceable native wildlife and flora.

Mr Dunnett also welcomed Minister Kean’s call to do more to address the climate crisis. Stating ‘the root cause of the uncontrollable intensity of these fire events is drying and heating of our planet in response to ever-rising carbon emissions. Our children deserve to inherit a liveable planet, and we welcome Matt Kean’s sensible alternative to the kneejerk proposals for increased burning, clearing and dams’. 


Media inquiries: Gary Dunnett, NPA Executive Officer 9299 0000

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