Australia’s National Parks by Public Transport

Book Review. Author: Mick Ogrizek, 2019

At last, a guide for the keen bushwalker who doesn’t have access to a car.

Mick Ogrizek explains the impetus for this book was his post-retirement goal to visit all the national parks of Australia. It was a goal hampered by the lack of a driver’s licence. The book is a result of research on how to visit those National Parks that are accessible by public transport. It is a work in progress, with the book covering 38 national parks across all eight states and territories.

It does not over-promise: it provides clear information on how to get to each national park, with a boxed summary of distance, travel time and park highlights. It also provides clear suggestions on where to seek specific information about activities within the park, including connections to multi-day walks. 

Many of us know how to access our favourite parks, and our local parks, in all seasons and with various forms of transport. However, this book helps us find new places further from home.

This book will be of interest to bushwalkers seeking a range of walks from short walks of a few hours, through to multi-day hikes. Anyone wanting to see more of Australia’s national parks without a car should look for this book.

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