NPA activities and COVID-19

After a summer of fire, floods and storms we are now dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The NPA is working to help protect and support our members through this time. Below you will find current guidance and new rules managing the NPA bushwalking program. These are dynamic and will be updated as the pandemic progresses and as government advice changes.

The NPA is not capable of providing personal advice as to your particular personal risks and what other specific actions you are best to take. We encourage all members to spend time reading NSW Health information and contact your doctor if you require personal advice. This is especially important in determining how vulnerable you are to the disease and what steps you should take to avoid infection.

A significant number of our leaders and members are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 and will be deciding to self isolate for a time, we understand and fully support that decision. Our individual health and that of our community must always come first.
We are also conscious that the NPA program provides important social and health benefits, so we will continue to keep the program running whilst we can do so safely and respectfully.

We have divided our response into four key areas to help us remember and practice behaviours that will help us and our wider community. Please download the PDF below for an overview.

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