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NPA’s goal is to protect nature through community action. We pursue this by providing the community with outstanding opportunities to experience and learn about nature, while vigorously advocating for the protection of nature within NSW and beyond.

Our natural areas presently face many significant and unprecedented challenges – weakened land clearing laws, intensified native forest logging, alpine areas trampled by feral horses, a growing list of species headed for extinction, rivers in terminal decline, and many others besides. Responding effectively to these and other threats – and charting a positive way forward – depends on know-how, skills and leadership generously contributed by members.

We are now seeking persons who would like to get involved and make a difference over the coming 12 months. Volunteering for a State Council position will be rewarded by the satisfaction of working as part of a community of like-minded people, and applying your knowledge and skills to problems that really matter.

Positions available

Up to 8 appointed positions are available on the NPA State Council. The positions, which are filled each November, are in addition to the State Council’s complement of elected members. Total composition of the State Council is approximately 36 members. All positions are voluntary.

Overall role

State Council members play a key role in setting strategic direction and policy, co-ordinating conservation activities by member groups, and representing member interests. Their role also includes electing and overseeing the NPA Executive. The positions will suit persons who are keen to advance conservation outcomes.

Duties of State Council members

  1. To regularly attend and contribute to State Council meetings.
  2. To keep abreast of NPA affairs.
  3. To report and provide advice in relation to a specific region or issue.
  4. To contribute to strategy by constructive planning, questioning and suggestion.
  5. To perform and maintain familiarity with relevant legal duties.
  6. To apply any special skills that you bring to the position.
  7. To apply good interpersonal skills, including to work as a group, to communicate personal points of view, and to listen to and respect other points of view.

Essential requirements

1. Current financial membership of NPA.

2. Sufficient time to prepare for, attend and contribute to State Council meetings.

Skills & experience

Knowledge, background or interest in the following fields is particularly sought:

• Native forests• Northern Sydney
• Inland rivers• Western Sydney / Blue Mountains
• Marine conservation• Kosciuszko / South East region
• Indigenous cultural heritage• Central West / Far West regions
• Citizen science / education• Riverina / Murray region.

Desirable qualities

Prior working knowledge of NPA gained through involvement with a member group or branch committee is highly desirable but by no means essential.

Attendance at State Council meetings

The State Council meets 3 times per year on weekends at various locations across NSW. Meetings are currently being held online via Zoom due to the pandemic. Reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses is available.

Appointment process

Please make an expression of interest by 4pm, Tuesday 3rd October 2023.

Appointments will be considered at the Annual Meeting of the State Council, to be held online via Zoom on Saturday 14 November 2020. You are encouraged to attend.


If you think you might be interested in any of the positions, and would like to discuss what’s involved, please contact either:

Make an expression of interest

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