National Party’s war on Koalas escalates

The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) has expressed outrage at documents published by the ABC showing direct intervention by NSW National Party Leader, John Barilaro through the Regional NSW Department to allow logging back into forests heavily impacted by the bushfires. 

After last season’s catastrophic bushfires, new logging rules were drawn up between the Environmental Protection Authority and NSW Forestry Corporation to reduce the impacts of logging on recovering forests and wildlife. The Regional NSW Department, under Deputy Premier Barilaro, are now pushing for these rules to be torn up, putting our most vulnerable forest species, including koalas at risk.

NPA Executive Officer Gary Dunnett today stated ‘This reckless intervention by the Deputy Premier and the Regional NSW Department shows a clear disregard of expert advice from the NSW government’s own environmental regulator.

“Initial reports have indicated a 71% loss of koalas in known koala habitats across northern NSW from the fires, allowing logging back into these areas will drive koalas and our most vulnerable forest wildlife to extinction.

“The NSW National Party has an appalling track record when it comes to environmental policy, they must not be allowed to dictate the future of our native forests, wildlife and natural heritage. 

“NPA is calling on the NSW Premier to intervene and do what is in the public interest. Protect our forests and wildlife” concluded Mr Dunnett.


Media Contact:  NPA EO,  Gary Dunnett 9299 0000

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