Confusion reigns after reported changes to tree removal laws

The National Parks Association of NSW has called for confirmation that the NSW Government won’t remove essential protections for urban bushland following the Australian’s release of leaked Cabinet documents.  

‘An exhaustive and balanced bushfire inquiry produced a clear roadmap to improve our protections against the unprecedented fire regimes, the last thing we need is ad hoc changes to the Rural Fires Act as reported by the Australian’, stated NPA President, Dr Grahame Douglas.

‘Modifying the 10/50 rule, which permits land owners to clear trees and shrubs on their own properties from 10m to 50m from their residences, or introducing a new code for the establishment of asset protection zones, has everything to do with making it easier for developers and nothing to do with the recommendations of the Bushfire Inquiry’ 

‘There is no question that we are all suffering from the consequences of successive government’s inability to grapple with climate change policy and action.  

‘Our future can’t rely upon ad hoc changes to land clearing laws, we need a coordinated, coherent approach to reducing the causes of global heating and planning and construction standards that reduce our vulnerability to fire’, concluded Dr Douglas.


Media Inquiries: NPA President, Dr Grahame Douglas 9299 0000, NPA EO, Gary Dunnett 9299 0000

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