Nature Kids – Summer 2020

Nature everywhere … from tall trees to tiny bees


If you can’t get out to see the wonders of nature first-hand, why not let the wonders of technology show you? At the end of August two white-bellied sea eagle chicks hatched in a nest 20 meters up an ironbark tree in Sydney’s Olympic Park. Three cameras provide a live feed for viewers all over the world!
Check out EagleCAM and the Eagle Diary on the Birdlife Australia website.
There’s also FalconCAM in Orange.

Did you know?

The white-bellied sea eagle is Australia’s second-largest raptor.

Quiz (answers at bottom of page)

  1. What is a raptor?
  2. How big are a white-bellied sea eagle’s wings?
  3. What is Australia’s largest raptor?


In September, South Australia became the first Australian state to ban single-use plastics. The new rules will come into effect in 2021 and ban the sale, supply and distribution of plastic products like straws and cutlery. Here’s hoping New South Wales does the same soon!


The B & B Highway is a Sydney-wide network of over 40 garden “bed and breakfasts” designed to create habitats for pollinating animals like bees, birds and butterflies. The gardens also allow scientists to gather data about animals that play an essential role in sustaining our ecosystems and food production …1 out of every 3 bites of food relies on pollinators but 40% of the world’s insects are at risk of becoming extinct in the coming decades due to human activity.

A Pollinator Private Investigator app that is currently under development will allow kids’ observations to be fed into the CSIRO’s citizen science databank!

For more information visit the PlantingSeeds Projects website

Quiz answers

  1. A raptor is a bird of prey (or a bird-like dinosaur!).
  2. The wingspan of the (larger) female is about 2 metres.
  3. The wedge-tailed eagle.

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