Australia commits to increase the National Reserve System to combat biodiversity crisis

National Parks Association of NSW president, Dr Grahame Douglas, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement that he will protect Australia’s biodiversity by conserving at least 30% of our nation’s land and seas. 

Dr Douglas stated, “Setting a new target of 30% for protection in our National Reserve System is a practical response to the desperate challenges facing Australia’s biodiversity and natural landscapes.

“The Prime Minister’s commitment to the High Ambition Coalition initiative, which represents more than 60 nations across the globe, offers a practical way of protecting our nation’s environment.  It sets a clear challenge for states such as NSW, which currently protects barely 9% in terrestrial reserves and a woeful 6% in marine sanctuary zones”, Dr Douglas concluded.

“NSW is in a perilous environmental condition, with more than 40% of our native forests impacted by the 2019/20 fires, a twelvefold increase in land clearing since 2016, and an extinction crisis that has become chillingly real”, noted NPA Executive Officer Gary Dunnett said.

“The national adoption of the new targets won’t mean anything unless acted upon by the states, which have the primary responsibility for the management of land and waters.  In NSW we have a very long way to go, and a good start would be committing to the permanent protection of all public native forests. Even so, reaching the 30% target will also require large scale restoration of degraded landscapes.

“NPA urges the NSW Government to match the national commitment and work towards the conservation of at least 30% of our state’s land and waters. We look forward to working with the Environment Minister to identify opportunities for new reserves”, concluded Mr Dunnett.


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